Anaheim Library History Timeline

  1. 1872-1907
  2. 1907-1959
  3. 1960-1997
  4. 2002 - Present
It All Started in a Candy Store...
  • 1872 -  P.A. Clark and H.S. Austin plan to establish a circulating library in Anaheim.
  • August 1873 - Formal opening takes place.
  • April 1884 -  Reverend H.J. Sheridan proposed to organize a Young Men's Social Club and establish a reading room stocked with the best newspapers and books, in a building on Los Angeles Street (now Anaheim Boulevard) south of the Masonic Hall.
  • March 1886 - The Town Trustees (now City Council) began to discuss the need for a place "where young people can pass an evening among refining influences and in adding to their store of knowledge."
  • February 1901 - Cornelius Bruce offered room in his Candy Store between Los Angeles and Claudina streets on Center Street, to establish a library and act as librarian for a salary of $12 a month.
  • August 1902 - The Board of Trustees established the municipally supported Anaheim Public Library and accepted an offer to transfer all 672 books and other property (a set of bookshelves, a reading table and 2 rocking chairs) from the Free Library to the City library.
  • September 1902 - Fees were $1 per year, 60 cents for 6 months, 25 cents for 1 month or less.
  • July 1906 - President and secretary of Library Board appointed to visit Fullerton Library to inquire of the method of securing a Carnegie Library.
  • September 1906 - City Clerk authorized to write Andrew Carnegie requesting information about securing a library building for Anaheim.
  • November 1906 -  Library expands to rooms in new Candy Kitchen.
  • February 1907 -  City Clerk receives confirmation from Andrew Carnegie's secretary, James Bertram, that $10,000 would be provided if the city agrees to terms of the grant.
  • July 1907 - Site Committee collected $2,652.59 from residents to buy Building Lot #45, paying William and Adelheid Konig $2,400.
  • December 1907 -  Richard Fischle advised Library Board that he had rented the library premises to a barber when the library lease expires on January 1, 1908. Library collection to be moved to Anaheim Chamber of Commerce rooms until new library building is ready for occupancy.