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A Better Lincoln

There's a plan to make Lincoln Avenue safer while preserving the street's character and charm in central Anaheim. 

The Lincoln Avenue Widening Project calls for adding a lane in each direction in two half-mile sections.

The two segments are from West Street to Harbor Boulevard in downtown and from East Street to Evergreen Street, just west of State College Boulevard. 

The project would also add a landscaped median, sidewalk and parkway improvements, a dedicated right-turn lane onto Harbor and signal synchronization.

The goal is to improve traffic flow, reduce collisions and make the road safer for pedestrians and school kids.

In downtown, the city is also looking to maintain the Lincoln everyone loves. We are w orking with property owners along Lincoln Avenue to minimize impacts and have plans to keep all businesses open and in place or help relocate if needed.

The East Segment has already been approved and is moving forward. The City Council is set to consider the environmental study for the Downtown Segment this spring. There will also be public meetings to hear from residents in coming weeks.

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Renewable Farms Helps Those in Need

Nestled amid a quiet Anaheim neighborhood next to Boysen Park, you'll find an urban oasis of vibrant vegetables standing tall in raised garden beds.

Known as Renewable Farms, this one-acre, 50-bed garden is using sustainable practices to grow vegetables for local nonprofits and those in need.

In 2014, the city partnered with Renewable Farms, which turned an underutilized space into a farming operation that uses a technique called hydroponics to raise fish and grow vegetables.

Each month, Renewable Farms donates 40 percent of its harvested vegetables to Anaheim nonprofits.

Youth groups, including Anaheim's Project S.A.Y., Anaheim Family YMCA and local high schools, also benefit by volunteering their time to help around the garden.

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New Playground at Imperial Park

Anaheim kids have a brand new place to play, after more than 200 volunteers built a structure last week at Imperial Park.

The playground was based on kids' drawings from a special Design Day event organized by the Disneyland Resort and KaBOOM!

It is the eighth playground built by Disney and KaBOOM! in Anaheim since 2011.

And Saturday's effort was just the beginning: Disneyland Resort and KaBOOM! plan to build four more playgrounds in the city during the next three years.

The Imperial Park playground was made possible by a collaboration between the city of Anaheim, Disneyland Resort, KaBOOM! and Girl Scouts of Orange County.

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Flying Drones in Anaheim

Do you have a drone and want to take to the air in Anaheim? Here are a few tips.

First, register your drone online with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Always keep your drone in sight and keep it below 400 feet. Never fly near other aircraft, especially near airports or emergency responders.

Be cautious when flying over groups of people, stadiums, or sports events.

Flying in Anaheim also comes with additional rules.

Above and around the Anaheim Resort is a federal no-fly zone. Stay away form this area to avoid any problems.

You can download the FAA's B4UFLY app for real-time information on where it is safe to fly.

Anaheim welcomes the safe and responsible use of drones. Happy flying!

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Turf Removal Program

We've seen a lot of rain in recent months, but summer is just around the corner.

One easy way to save water and money is by replacing the grass in your yard with drought-tolerant plants and other landscaping. And Anaheim Public Utilities is here to help, offering turf removal grants to qualified customers.

Through the program, which is done in partnership with the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority, customers can get a new landscaped yard at no cost. 

Most customers use 50 percent of their water outdoors, so replacing grass can bring a huge cost savings. Saving water also helps the city meet state conservation requirements.

Grants are available for income-qualified customers with large grass areas. To find out if you qualify, call (714) 765-4184 or email

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Turf Removal