FAQs for AESD Students

What is ACES – A Card for Every Student? 
ACES is a partnership between your school district and the Anaheim Public Library. The goal is to make it easy for students to have access to Anaheim Public Library’s online resources. For Anaheim Elementary School District, students can log in to Anaheim Public Library’s online resources using their student email username (instead of a library card number). This convenience provides easy access.

Does my student email act as a library card? 
No, not for books. You still need a library card to check out books or make book requests at the Anaheim Public Libraries including the Mobile Library. Your student username gives you access to all of Anaheim Public Library’s digital resources, including live homework help, ebooks, language learning tools, and databases.

Why would I use ACES? 
Do you need help with homework? If you can’t get help from a parent, teacher or tutor, you can always use Brainfuse’s online Help Now! Log in and connect with a live homework help expert who can help you understand your homework. Do you need a book after the school library has closed? Download audiobooks and eBooks from Overdrive. Want to practice a language? Pronunciator can help!

Can I use my student email if I owe money the Anaheim Public Library?
Yes! Anaheim Public Library wants students to have access to digital learning tools always!

Why can’t I use Tumblebooks at school? 
The Tumblebooks company sells directly to schools and libraries. Your school is not paying for Tumblebooks, so the company makes sure that internet connections from the school don’t get their books for free. The good news is: you can use Tumblebooks at home since the Anaheim Public Library is paying for it!

Can I use my student email to use computers at Anaheim Public Library?
Yes! Your student username will give you access to children’s computers at the seven branches of the Anaheim Public Library.