Sustainable Schools Award

Energy Star Laptop Award for Schools with Exemplary Energy and Water Sustainability Efforts

What is the Sustainable Schools Award?

The objective of the Sustainable Schools Award is to recognize Anaheim schools that have made strides in environmental stewardship at their campuses and in their curriculum. Anaheim Public Utilities would like to partner with schools fostering sustainable energy and water programs through creative and meaningful ways, coupled with educating students and staff on the importance of doing so. Two winning schools will be recognized by Anaheim Public Utilities, who will present 30 ENERGY STAR® laptops.

Examples of eligibility:
  1. Replace lighting with longer-life, energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights.
  2. Install Energy Star® equipment to save energy and lower utility bills.
  3. Plant a drought tolerant garden with native plants to replace turf.
  4. Plant shade trees that reduce energy usage by reducing air conditioning usage.
  5. Upgrade bathroom fixtures with high efficiency models.
  6. Transition from fossil fuel to electric buses and vehicles.
  7. Incorporate renewable energy or water conservation into science curriculum.
  8. Have students participate in a STEM competition that features solar energy, electric vehicles, or water conservation. 
Instructions to apply:

  1. Fill out the online application and provide examples of how your school is currently or planning to become more sustainable. Supporting photos may be uploaded. 
  2. Optional: To receive assistance with energy and water efficiency programs that support your application, check the appropriate boxes in the program interest form under the “Potential Resources to Support Your Application” section.
  3. Submit the online application  or send PDF application by e-mail or mail to: 201. S. Anaheim Blvd Ste. 801, Anaheim, CA 92805 by May 31, 2019

Two schools will be selected as the winners of the Sustainable Schools Award each year based on the criteria below.

Evaluation Criteria:

Anaheim schools will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Completeness (25 points): Is the application complete with details about your school's sustainability efforts? Are the goals and objectives of the school's program clear? 
  2. Creativity (25 points): Did your school employ creative methods of educating and/or implementing sustainability strategies?
  3. Metrics (25 points): How successful were your school's programs? Include metrics such as member of student's involved, amount of energy or water saved, amount of GHG reduction, or number of trees planted.
  4. Effectiveness (25 points): What did students, staff, and/or parents learn from the programs to make long-lasting improvements to the environment and understanding of the importance of sustainability?

The final selection of schools will be determined by the Anaheim Public Utilities Board.  The winning schools will be announced at a Board meeting by September 2019, and delivery of laptops will be made by October 2019.

Please coordinate with school/district administration to ensure only two applications per district are submitted.
For more information e-mail or call 714-765-4250

To apply submit the online application  or send PDF application by e-mail or mail to: 201. S. Anaheim Blvd Ste. 801, Anaheim, CA 92805 by May 31, 2019