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Anaheim POD at Disneyland: OPEN, MODERNA

Super POD at Anaheim Convention Center: OPEN, MODERNA

** We are temporarily pausing on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the Super POD at Anaheim Convention Center as federal officials review six national cases of a rare blood clot. If you selected Johnson & Johnson for your appointment today, you'll be offered Moderna, a two-shot vaccine. You'll also have the option to reschedule for Johnson & Johnson upon the one-shot vaccine's expected return to use.**

For additional help, you can reach out to the county hotline at (714) 834-2000.

Read more about the Anaheim PODs here.

Find other vaccine resources here.

Vaccines: Where we're at

We are providing public vaccines at the Super POD at Anaheim Convention Center and at thAnaheim POD at Disneyland Resort.

Vaccines are available by appointment only and distributed in line with state and federal guidelines.

Right now, anyone age 50 and older is eligible to get vaccinated, and starting April 15 vaccines will be open to anyone age 16 and older.

Due to a focus on vaccinating some of the hardest hit and health-access challenged neighborhoods in California, the state has prioritized the 92805 ZIP code in Anaheim. This means anyone age 16 and older living in this ZIP code is currently eligible to get vaccinated.

There are still no vaccines authorized for children younger than 16 years old, though studies are ongoing.

Those eligible must live or work in Orange County. Appointments are based on vaccine supply.

Register to get in the virtual queue for a vaccine appointment at Here's a helpful video on how to register.

While vaccine supplies are limited, we expect to see vaccines expand to more people in coming weeks.

Right now, it takes about two to four weeks from the day you register on Othena to get a link to make an appointment.

The county has developed a vaccine task force to oversee vaccine distribution. Here is a link to the county's dashboard showing the gender, age and ethnicity of those who have received the vaccine. 

See a dashboard of vaccines given in Orange County here, and broken down among seniors by ZIP code here.

Read more about the county's vaccine distribution plan here

Vaccines Available

The Federal Drug Administration has given emergency authorization to three vaccines, by PfizerModerna and Johnson & Johnson**.

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines require two shots, while the Johnson & Johnson vaccine only requires one dose. All three are now being administered in Anaheim and Orange County, with some fluctuation based on supply.

**We are temporarily pausing on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the Super POD at Anaheim Convention Center as federal officials review six national cases of a rare blood clot. Read more here.**

A fourth vaccine, from AstraZeneca, is in use in Europe and in advanced clinical trial in the U.S.

Based on Phase 3 clinical trials, AstraZeneca's vaccine is 79 percent effective against preventing infection and 100 percent effective at preventing severe disease and hospitalizations.

It's possible additional vaccines, currently undergoing clinical trials, could come on the market in coming months.

How do I make an appointment?

If you live or work in Orange County and are eligible, you can register here via Othena, the county's vaccine appointment system.

You should also download the Othena app on Apple or Android to make your appointment quicker and easier.

The county is experiencing high demand for appointments. Even if eligible, you will encounter delays and waits getting an appointment.

There are just not enough doses available to vaccinate everyone eligible now, and allocated appointments are a way to manage that.

We've also seen technical issues, which we know are frustrating and are being worked through.

Once you register, you'll be entered into a digital waiting room and receive an email to respond and make your appointment. It usually takes about two to four weeks to get your appointment link.

Find answers to frequently asked questions from the county here.

Questions? Contact OC Health Care Agency at (714) 834-2000 or email Othena's support team at

The state has also announced an equity measurement related to equal distribution of vaccines that directs more vaccines to hard-hit neighborhoods. One of the hardest hit ZIP codes in OC is 92805 in Anaheim.

We'll provide more details as we get them on how to make an appointment if you live in this ZIP code.

You can find more locations to make vaccine appointments in Orange County here.

How do I get my second shot of Pfizer or Moderna?

If you received your first vaccine dose through the Othena system, you will automatically receive an appointment for the second dose.

If you got your first shot in Anaheim at a county site, you will automatically receive an appointment confirmation through Othena for the second dose at the Super POD at Anaheim Convention Center or at the Anaheim POD at Disneyland.

If you got your first shot at clinics held at a school or community center, you could either get notice for a second shot at those same locations or at one of the Anaheim POD sites.

If you don't see a second dose appointment on your Othena profile a few days prior to your second dose "due" date, please call the county's hotline at (714) 834-2000 for help.

Getting your second dose is easier and faster, as you're already registered. You'll just be asked the same health screening questions you answered for your first dose.

Remember to bring your paper Centers for Disease Control vaccination card with you to your second appointment, along with your ID.

If you received your first dose through your healthcare provider, employer, or other group, you'll get the second dose from the same source.

Can I get a vaccine through my healthcare provider?

Some providers, including healthcare employers, healthcare groups and individual doctors offices, may also be administering vaccines.

Please know vaccines through providers are not widespread at this time, and you may be referred to one of the county's public sites.

Can I get vaccinated through a pharmacy?

Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid are administering vaccines in Orange County, in accordance with the county's rollout plan for those who are eligible.

These appointments are very limited.

For seniors and others with special needs, pharmacies will provide an additional option.

For information on vaccines through Walgreens, click here.

For information on CVS, click here. You can also call (800) 746-7287.

For information on Rite Aid, click here.

California Vaccine Distribution: Where else can I get vaccine? Vaccinate ALL 58 ENGLISH

As the state ramps up its vaccine distribution, thanks to a new partnership with Blue Shield California, there are more ways to register for a vaccine appointment.

You can find more information on the Blue Shield vaccine distribution here.

The state also has its own registration system called "My Turn." The county has said that the state system will ultimately integrate with Othena, the county's registration portal.

You can continue to register with Othena, but if you'd like to try My Turn as well, register here.

Read California's plan and find frequently asked questions here.

Is it Safe?

There's a lot of talk and even misinformation surrounding COVID-19 vaccines. But rest assured: Vaccines are safe.

The vaccine does not contain the virus. It will not give you COVID-19.

The vaccine contains the biological blueprint to create a harmless protein associated with coronavirus, which then helps your body learn how to fight the virus.

The vaccines have been carefully evaluated in clinical trials.

Of the tens of thousands of shots given out in Anaheim so far, we've had no major issues and very few reactions. Paramedics are always on hand in the rare case there is a reaction.

Most COVID-19 vaccines require two shots given about a month apart.

It's essential that everyone get vaccinated when they are able so we can build up immunity and get past this crisis.

Learn more about how the vaccine works here.

Read federal updates and news on the vaccines here.

What can I do once I'm fully vaccinated?

Once you are fully vaccinated, you have greater protection against contracting a serious case of COVID-19, hospitalization and death.

Being "fully vaccinated" means that you are two weeks after your second dose of Pfizer or Moderna, or two weeks after your only dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

According to new guidelines released by the federal Centers for Disease Control, fully vaccinated people can have small gatherings indoors with other vaccinated people, without masks or social distancing.

The state of California also has put out guidelines for fully vaccinated people. Read them here.

However, even if you're fully vaccinated, you must continue to wear a mask and practice public health best practices when out in public and around others who may not be fully vaccinated.

You should still avoid large gatherings with other households and delay any travel.

And you should still stay home and get tested if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.

You can read more from the CDC here.

How can I help?

The county is looking for some volunteers, particularly nurses and other clinicians who can administer vaccines. Sign up here or scan the code below with your phone.

volunteer qr code

when can i get the vaccine

We appreciate that everyone is eager for their turn to get vaccinated so we can get back to normal and keep our community healthy.

We need everyone to get vaccinated to get to herd immunity and move past this crisis.

In line with state and county guidelines, all Californians age 50 and older are eligible to get vaccinated.

All Californians age 16 and older will be eligible for a vaccine starting on April 15.

Vaccines are still be limited, based on supply from the state and federal government. It may take some time to get an appointment, but we encourage everyone to register at to get in line.

Vaccines are currently being offered BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. 

There are two public sites in Anaheim distributing vaccines: the Anaheim POD at Disneyland, 300 W. Katella Ave., and the Super POD at Anaheim Convention Center, 800 W. Katella Ave.

Walk-ups are NOT accepted at either site.

The North Net Training Center vaccine distribution site, which operated in late December 2020 and early January 2021, is now CLOSED.

We are working with the county to see more vaccination clinics at our community centers and schools. These will be largely by invitation only via direct outreach to hard hit neighborhoods, and will focus on ensuring equitable distribution vaccines in our city.

Additional county sites at Soka University in Aliso Viejo and Santa Ana College are open to residents across the county, including from Anaheim.

A new mobile POD at Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove is focusing on vaccinating those in the county's four hardest-hit ZIP codes, which includes 92805 in Anaheim. Appointments are expected to be offered to Anaheim residents in this ZIP code soon through the Othena app.

Click here to register for a vaccine appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: Vaccines at Orange County sites are reserved for Orange County residents, or those who work in the county, ONLY. 

Please bring with you proof of appointment (on the app or printed out), your ID and, if it's your second dose, your paper vaccination card.

Stop Vaccine Scams

As we begin to see distribution of the vaccine, unfortunately we're also seeing reports of vaccine-related scams in the community.

If you suspect a scam or unauthorized sale of the vaccine, please call the county at (714) 834-3482 or email  

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