HUD Reports

Consolidated Plans

CDBG, ESG, HOME and HOPWA recipients are required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Community Development (HUD) to prepare a 5-year Consolidated Plan for long-term planning purposes. The 2015-2019 City of Anaheim Consolidated Plan provides a demographic profile, an assessment of housing and community development needs, and strategies for addressing the identified needs each year.

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Annual Action Plans

HUD requires the City to develop an annual funding strategy called an Action Plan, which details the programs and projects to be funded each year. The Action Plan also outlines the proposed outcomes for the funded activities.

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Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Reports (CAPER)

At the conclusion of each program year, the City is required by HUD to report on its progress toward meeting the goals and objectives of the annual Action Plan and 5-year Consolidated Plan.

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Section 3 Economic Opportunities Plan

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Citizen Participation Plan

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